Glossary of Pool Terms, A

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1) Level of PH in your pool water – how corrosive it is
2) Liquid you put in your pool to make water chemistry corrections
Air Relief Valve
The small screw valve on the top of a pool filter by the pressure valve. It bleeds off air after you turn the pump on
A plant type organism that can grow in a pool when not sanitized enough. Types: blue-green or black, mustard yellow, pink slim
Algae brush
Metal brush used to brush off the top of the spores and allow chlorine to penetrate and kill it
Surrounds the algae cell causing it to open so chlorine has better chance of killing it
Sometimes call Total Alkalinity – proper level helps PH balance and not cause extremes in PH that can cause many problems in chemistry
Alkalinity increaser
Increases the total alkalinity reading. Sodium Bicarbonate – baking soda
Automatic controller
Computerized device that controls all equipment functionality automatically
Automatic Pool Cleaner
Device that automatically vacuums pools, example: Pentair Legend Cleaner

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