Glossary of Pool Terms, T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z

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Test kit

Kit to test pool water. Contains reagents, test strips or dpd tablets.

Total dissolved solids
Measure in ppm of all minerals and chemicals in pool water for saturation levels.

Stabilized chlorine tablets. Used to sanitize pool water.

Builders use this term to refer to whatever material lines the inside vertical rim of the pool an d spa at the waterline. Typically, the "tile" extends from just under the coping edge downward six inches. It can be ceramic tile, porcelain tile, flagstone, or marble. Since any floating contaminants tend to collect here, a non-porous tile surface works best.

Vac head

Attached to pool pole to manually vacuum the pool. Usually hooked up to the skimmer of a dedicated suction line.

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