Glossary of Pool Terms, L-M-N-O

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Lap Pool

A long, narrow pool, usually about four feet deep for swimming laps
usually a series of small perforated pipes at the base of a sand filter that forces water through the sand bed for filtration.
Leaf net
Flat pool net attached to the end of a multi-purpose pole the skin surface debris.
Leaf rake
Deep net attached to the end of a multi-purpose pole the skins surface debris

Main Drain

The grate at the bottom of a pool or spa – should be equipped as a dual drain with suction or with an anti-vortex system to avoid hair of body entrapment.
Modular Media
Large capacity cartridge filter.
Muriatic acid
Dilute hydrochloric acid to lower PH level on pool water

Non-chlorine shock

Does not contain chlorine but can oxidize organic waste

O ring

Rubber ring used on equipment for better seal. Example, the o-ring under the main circulation pump see through lid.
Chemical process of burning up and eliminating ammonia compounds, nitrogen compounds and swimmer waste. A chlorine or non-chlorine shock may be used
Molecule containing 3 atoms of oxygen to oxidize the water. For pool sanitizing this product is called an ozonator.

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