Glossary of Pool Terms, P-Q-R

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Potential hydrogen ion concentration. The number represents how acidic or basic the water is in a pool or spa. Probably the most important factor in pool water chemistry
A smooth cement coating that seals a gunite pool shell. The color of the plaster determines the apparent color of the water. White = Light Blue, Grey = Deep Blue, Green = Blue/Green, Brown = Emerald Green Water
Process you sometimes have to use to make a pump run as intended. Full of water, no air bubbles and not dry. Dry run can burn your pump out
Pounds per square inch. A measure of pressure
Multi-purpose maintenance pole has attachment holes and can extend to a long length. Can be used with a brush, vacuum head, leaf net or rake
Pressure gauge
Gauge on top of the filter to measure pressure. It will indicate when the filter needs to be cleaned.
Pool equipment located on your main equipment pad. Circulates water from the pool to the equipment and back to the pool
Pump basket
Basket at the front of the pump usually under a clear lid so that you can check for debris in the basket. Generally need to be emptied about once a week or more.


Chemical used with test kits to test water chemistry

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