Glossary of Pool Terms, S

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Salt System
A system that uses electricity to disinfect water with chemicals extracted from salt.
Sand Filter
Filtration system that removes contaminants by forcing the water through a vessel of sand. These require backwashing about once a month and have no need for replacement chemicals.
Chemical used to sanitize pools, kill bacteria and oxidize organics waste material.
Usually found in pools with PH levels too high and/or calcium hardness. Scaly crystal deposits in equipment, plumbing or walls.
In water chemistry used to bind metals and scaling products before they adhere on surfaces.
Adding extra chlorine to burn out wastes. Assists in making combines chlorine active again, kills bacteria, increases residual chlorine that many times is the cause of the unusual odor in the water.
Sight Glass
Clear window that allows you to view pool water as it backwashes. Backwashing complet the murky colored water is clear.
Hole on the side of the pool at water level. Contains a basket with a suction line to it. Skims the top for debris before it falls.
Skimmer Weir
Door/flap over the skimmer which opens to the pool. Keeps skimmed items from floating back into the pool.
Soda ash
Water chemicals to raise PH levels. Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium dichlor
Granular chlorine.
Sodium hypohlorite
Liquid chlorine.
Sports Pool
A pool of various shapes and sizes that accommodate a net or goals for games such as volleyball, basketball, or water-polo. They are usually three to four feet deep at the ends and four and a half or five feet deep in the middle.
Any vessel that holds hot water for soaking. Most popular spas are an integral part of the gunite pool, have multiple jets, and use the same circulation system as the pool. Hot tubs usually refer to wooden vessels and Jacuzzi is a brand of spa equipment.
Sweeper System
A device that uses water pressure or suction to mechanically remove debris from the floor and walls of a pool.
Swim Spa
Swim spas are usually about eight feet by twelve feet and have a large jet capable of generating a current to swim against.

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