Glossary of Pool Terms, C

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Calcium Carbonate
Calcium scale – forms crystals and can hinder circulation and cause rough deposits on surfaces
Calcium Hardness
Amount of minerals in pool water
Calcium hypochlorite
A form of chlorine shock
Cantilever Edge
A pool deck of a poured or sprayed material that extends slightly beyond the edge of the pool negating the need for traditional coping
Cartridge Filter
A filtration system that uses a fine mesh material to remove suspended contaminants from the water. This type of filter requires a 30 minute cleaning with a garden hose six to ten times per year.
Chlorine tied up with ammonia to a level that doesn’t allow it to kill bacteria oxidize organic waste
Chemical used to sanitize pools. Comes in several forms and strengths. Note: free chlorine is the available chlorine in the water to sanitize. Combined Chlorine is tied up and not available to sanitize and total chlorine is the measure of both free and combined chlorine
A unit that holds chlorine tablets and automatically treats the water.
Chemical that assist main filter by combining particles that would normally be to small for the filter to catch into larger particles allowing the filter capture them.
This refers to the material that covers the first nine to twelve inches of horizontal surface at the pools edge. It can be brick, flagstone, concrete, or one of many natural or man-made materials
A metal that can be found in pools. Can stain with blue or aqua color spots.
Water condition that is too acidic. If left uncorrected it can cause increased wear on metal parts of the pool and equipment. Can also cause etching of walls in a gunite pool.
Cyanuric acid
Also called conditioner or stabilizer. Added to assist chlorine in not dissipating as quickly in sunlight

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